Climate Change Denial

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March 29, 2012


George Marshall @ 2:02 pm

In this 20 minute video I suggest six strategies for talking to people who do not accept climate science.  I argue strongly that one should avoid a debate about the data and content of the science, and concentrate instead on addressing the values and emotions from which people  construct their beliefs.  The strategies are: finding common ground; expressing respect; clearly holding your views; explaining the personal journey that led to your own understanding; speaking to people’s worldview and values, and finally offering rewards that speak to those values.

These recommendations are based on the current social research and four years experience of leading workshops on peer to peer communications.  My colleague Dr Adam Corner has prepared a paper at with links to the original research.

I want to apologise for using the phrase Climate Change Denier which is tricky I know.  It is, I am sure, the best title for people looking for this material and I want the video seen by as many people as possible.  Half way through the  video I recommend using the term Climate Dissenters as an alternative.

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