Climate Change Denial

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January 24, 2007


George Marshall @ 5:15 pm

looknosnow2Climate change was not going to get in the way of the fun and frolics of the World Cup ski races this weekend in Kitzbühel, Austria: a fleet of helicopters imported more than 100,000 cubic feet of snow from higher up the mountain. A snip at $390,000 and just imagine how many tonnes of fuel.

To add further to the multiple ironies piling on top of this pathetic tale, the races have had to be cancelled anyway because a freak storm blew a lot of the airlifted snow off the mountain.

Snow fall has been very low and temperatures at record highs across the Alps. The snow was so thin for the Lauberhorn downhill race last week that many racers crashed or collapse from exhaustion.

According to the New York Times the president of the International Ski Federation, Gian Franco Kasper, does not accept that the chronic lack of snow is due to climate change. He says it is due to natural variation.

More bloody fool him. The ski industry is going to be ruined by climate change so it is hardly surprising that it is having a hard time dealing with the proof of its imminent demise.

Like all of the international tourism industry, it could be a strong, brave, and influential voice for change. But this would require it to come to terms with the enormous impact of the leisure flights that sustain it. And as the resorts generate ever higher emissions to create snow where it no longer exists (see my 26 Sept posting: ‘Wrap it up to go’) they are entering into an ever tighter cycle of self destructive climate change  denial.

SNOWBALLThanks loads to Nathalie Koerfer for alerting me to that


….and thanks too to Zoe Palmer for this excellent picture which she shot with her mobile phone in a UK high street. It says it all- but somehow the price reduction adds a particular poignancy.

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6 responses to “MORE SNOW STUPIDITY”

  1. typen says:

    It snowed like crazy the next days…
    Ski industry will be fine, you global warming nuts are just that: NUTS .

  2. You would have thought the price of snowballs would be going up, what with them being in such scarce supply 😉

  3. Andy Mitchell says:

    Natural variation? Is that the same variation that has uncovered human remains in the Alps that had remained under the ice since prehistoric times?

    Splendid comment by typen btw. Personally, I saw some snow as well (actually not much, not enough to settle) therefore global warming can’t be happening.

  4. Jack says:

    It’s time for the people of these United States to put an end to these disgusting “green” communists who have been trying their best to ruin this wonderful life style capitalism has provided us.

    Lie after lie after lie spews from their leftist pie holes. Like CFC’s and the ozone hole lie. Anyone remember that one? We were all doomed to die from skin cancer unless we stopped using CFC’s. No convincing evidence is ever given to support their stupidity. They just keep telling the lie until enough people believe it if for no other reason than because the lie has been told so long.

    These communist liars have no evidence for this global warming stupidity. They know it will help them try and ruin our economy and that’s all they need to know.

    Thank God for the second amendment.

  5. Jackie says:

    Liberals in the US would have nothing to gain from constructing a conspiratorial environmental crisis, nor do they have any motive to intentionally “ruin the economy”. We all suffer when the economy goes down.

    Environmental advocates are not part of some giant conspiracy to take down corporation, contrary to what corporate propaganda pounds into the heads of the masses. There are no underlying, self-seeking motives to warning people of what dangers lie ahead.

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